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5 Holiday Shopping Statistics to Help Plan Your Campaign


When it comes to maximizing your holiday sale plans, it takes weeks of strategic planning before target dates approach.

In this article, you will find the top 5 holiday shopping statistics that will assist you in profiting the most out of this busiest season:

1.  40% of Online Sales are Predicted to be Made via Mobile Devices

Mobile strategy continues to increase in popularity when it comes to e-commerce marketing.

People are super busy so they opt to do their holiday shopping using their smartphones. Below are some tips for making the most of the mobile traffic:

  • Optimize your site for mobile devices.
  • Adjust mobile bids based on your web analytics.
  • Simplify your forms and checkout pages. Decrease the number of fields that your prospects need to fill out.

2.  47% of Shoppers Dislike Shipping Fees

Who wants to pay for shipping?  People are turned off by shipping costs, and this holiday shopping statistic is true any time of the year.

By offering free shipping, you can serve customers that don’t feel like forking extra moolah on other costs other than the products ordered.

You can advertise free shipping by using site link extensions and ad copies in your search and social ads. Make sure that this benefit is clearly stated on all product, landing, and checkout pages.

3.  37% of Shoppers Prefer the Option to Return Items

A no-return policy can be a deal-breaker for some consumers for a good reason. When buying products online, they may not always get what they originally expected. This feels risky for many shoppers.

If you have a return policy, make sure that you state this information in your marketing campaigns (in a similar fashion to your offer of free shipping).  Outline this policy in simple-to-follow steps. Otherwise, you risk getting negative online reviews.

4.  46% of Shoppers Like to Touch and Feel a Product Before Buying

Even if you only sell products online, you can still provide an accurate representation of the items you are selling.

In your product pages, provide a detailed description that includes the color, size, length, and width of your product. You can also describe how the product feels to the touch, such as silky. A video demonstration can also be very helpful.

5.  42% of the Sales the Week Before Christmas Are Buyers Looking to Purchase Online and Pick Up in Store

Yes, there are shoppers that prefer to shop at the last minute so it’s important to optimize for this week to capture these buyers.

If applicable, in your campaign, specify that shoppers can order online and pick up in a store before the holiday. Or, if you can deliver products in a short time frame during this festive season, then advertise and save these procrastinators a trip to the store.

You can be sure that your customers will appreciate this tactic and make recommendations to fellow last-minute shoppers.

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