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5 Facebook Holiday Marketing Tips


Facebook is one of the best platforms for connecting with potential customers and making sales during the holiday season. However, it can be more challenging to stand out from the competition since many businesses run special promotions during the holidays. Here are some Facebook holiday marketing tips to help you to make the most of this time of the year.

Facebook Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

Managing Your Holiday Budget

Set your budget for holiday marketing. Allocate the most budget to the times when traffic will be the highest. These include the shopping day after Thanksgiving, the Monday following Thanksgiving, and the second week in December.

Create Engaging Facebook Stories

Using stories for Facebook holiday marketing is a good strategy. Engaging your target audience with Facebook stories can be a great way to get them to learn about your brand and also to promote your products or services. Here are some of the ways that you can use stories for the holidays to get buyers interested and to start conversations:

● Create stories that give people information about your brand so that they can get to know your company better. This helps to increase customer loyalty. 

● Set up stories that give people ideas for items to buy that people in their lives will enjoy.     

Here are some more ideas for how to use Facebook stories.

Use Facebook Messaging

Email messages are no longer the only way to connect with your customers through messaging. Facebook Messenger has become a popular way for customers to connect with brands. Through this platform, they can get answers to their questions about things such as your products and services and your operations. You can even build Messenger Bots that will automatically answer questions that people have.

Give Coupons

Customers expect to be able to use coupons during the holidays so make sure to offer them to boost your sales. However, make them have short due dates so that customers have a limited time to take action on making a purchase. You can make images that have coupon codes on them and share the images on social media. These are especially great to share on image social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Retarget Site Visitors

Use Facebook retargeting to retarget website visitors who have been to your website and visited certain pages. This is important because, often, people don’t buy products or services the very first time that they see them. So they may need to see what you offer several times before buying. With retargeting ads, you can put your offer in front of them again and again. 

Use Other Platforms

Facebook is a great platform to utilize for holiday sales. But make sure to also use other social media platforms that are relevant to your business, such as Pinterest and Instagram. You can set up contests that are appropriate for each type of platform.

Are you looking for help with your holiday marketing to increase your sales during this time of year?  Get in touch with us today.

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