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Every business needs analytics to measure the performance and success of their website!

  • Monitor Website & Campaign Performance
    We’ll keep a close eye on your site with tools to measure your campaign results and progress.
  • Identify Opportunities for Improvement
    Daily monitoring ensures no time or money is wasted.
  • Measure Results Over Time
    Obtain an at-a-glance overview to determine the next steps for optimal growth.
  • Learn Details About Your Visitors
    Profile your potential clients and give them exactly what they want.
  • Measure Campaigns for Profitability
    Discover all the possibilities for the best ROI.

A crucial ingredient to any web marketing effort is measurement. As part of our full-service E-commerce solutions suite, we always prescribe and incorporate a website metrics package on our client’s website before launching a web marketing campaign. This allows us to automatically track criteria like website performance, campaign and sales activity, trends over time, and profitability.


We find some of the most valuable measurements in E-commerce include: website visitors, unique visitors, page views, transactions, sales, and conversion rates. Different companies require various other metrics, but at a minimum you should be able to see how many people are coming to your site, how many pages they’re looking at, where they’re coming from and what it is they’re buying. This will give you visibility into your website performance and will help you make better business decisions to be more effective and become more profitable.

There are all sorts of web metrics packages available ranging in price from free to many thousands of dollars per month. A web metrics package we like to use is called Google Analytics. It’s free and lets us capture most of the important web metrics related to your website. With Google Analytics we can see how many people are coming to your website, where they came from and what they’re considering to buy on your website. We capture this data in a spreadsheet and create reports and graphs for you that illustrate the performance of your website over time.

Setting up a web metrics package such as Google Analytics is usually pretty simple and can be done by a member of the Mission Web Marketing team in a just a few hours, or even less. This typically involves appending some tracking code to each page on your website and your order confirmation or Thank You page that passes order information such as the transaction ID, order amount and campaign source code back to the metrics engine for reporting. You can setup your own Google Analytics account for free and get the tracking code integrated throughout your website, or we can do this for you in just a couple of hours.

If you don’t have a proper method of capturing website metrics, you need to start today so you can make better business decisions and make your website more profitable! Without some sort of web metrics package in place you’re operating in the dark and wasting time and dollars on campaigns that don’t work. If you need assistance or have questions about web metrics for your E-commerce site, contact us today to see how we can help.

Client Testimonials

  • Mission Web Marketing was instrumental in helping Carbon2Cobalt define and execute our initial strategy and deep dive into the world of digital marketing.

    Bill Cutler

  • Mission Web marketing in Santa Barbara has been instrumental in creating an efficient search engine marketing strategy that is personalized to our multifaceted company. In the new marketing era where ownership of the Google ecosystem is what separates the winners and the losers, they have helped us maintain a leading edge and have been a great compliment to The Towbes Group.

    Sam Carey
    Marketing Manager
    The Towbes Group

  • Mission Web Marketing has been an invaluable partner in keeping our speakers bureau ahead of the curve and in front of the client. Not only responsive, but pro-active, Eric and his team have been a vital link to our burgeoning presence, brand expansion and continued success in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

    Chris Johnson
    Marketing Director
    BigSpeak Speakers Bureau

  • To work with Mission Web Marketing, is an absolute must. Not only are their professionalism and expertise unparalleled, but, since working with them, our online bookings have literally doubled! What better endorsement could one possibly give?

    Judy Hudson
    Managing Director
    Hotel Cheval

  • In the world of SEO and Internet Marketing it is rare to find a company with such integrity and a company that really knows the field of Internet Marketing inside and out. Before we found Mission Web Marketing we had been through the gamut, from individuals to large expensive SEO companies who promised us the world and delivered practically nothing – except large fees. What a relief to find Mission Web Marketing! Their work is top notch, their rates are very fair and the results are fantastic.

    Rebecca Jennings
    Hips and Curves

  • Mission Web Marketing has taken our online marketing to the next level. Their creative, thoughtful and attentive services have improved our overall market presence and generated substantially more revenue for our company. For that we are most grateful!

    Bruce Boring
    The California Wine Club

  • Mission Web Marketing was wonderful. They did a great job of conceptualizing and creating the right website for CAC. Their work is always on time, on budget, and top notch.

    Holly Carmody
    Central Administrative Services Director
    Community Action Commission

  • I have been working with Mission Web Marketing in Santa Barbara for over a decade and they have kept my company at the cutting edge of web marketing world. I found it is key to find one company that encompass all areas of website work which is what I receive when I work with Mission Web Marketing.

    Skip Abed
    Owner & President
    Santa Barbara Sailing Center

  • We have had the pleasure of working with Eric Petersen and his expert crew at Mission Web for 6 years, on a variety of projects - large and small. Regardless of scale or budget, we consistently receive quality work on time and on budget, with creative solutions, attention to detail, and good communication. An added bonus is Eric’s patience and understanding of the creative process!

    Jane & Bob Engelsiepen
    View Studio

  • When Delight.com was in the planning stages one of the first things we did was to start working with Mission Web Marketing to map out our search engine strategies. This has proven critical to our early success and we have grown rapidly due to Eric and his team's unique understanding of the dynamics of the market and how best to position our site through multiple web marketing tactics.

    Lynda Keeler

  • We invited Mission Web Marketing to come in and rebuild our website and they were phenomenal. The site is gorgeous. They chose wonderful graphics and layouts that highlight and simplify our services beautifully. They were open, easy to communicate complex ideas, and kept up with our requirements. They gently reminded us when we had deadlines for content and to-dos. Mission Web Marketing is a valuable partner. I would recommend them to any business looking for web design partner.

    Dawn Goodnight Martin
    Voice Provisioning Manager
    Impulse Advanced Communications

  • The great team of professionals at Mission Web Marketing in Santa Barbara exceeded our expectations for a new, mobile friendly site with great SEO. The team provided eye catching creativity and ‘user friendly’ functionality and delivered a website better than we hoped for. Their attention to detail allowed us to launch our site in the middle of our busiest season with no down time and an immediate increase in business!

    Kathy & Fred Hershman
    Celebration Cruises of Santa Barbara

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