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Keeping Watch for Clean Water


An added benefit of getting to work with local businesses within our community is developing a deeper understanding of what they stand for, and what they are trying to achieve through their biggest marketing tool – their website. This rings true with our recent work developing a new website for the Santa Barbara Channelkeeper, as we learned the challenges the company faces, and the efforts being taken to bring forth change right here in our own backyard. For this group, they need to not only reach and appeal to a wide audience, but they need to engage the community into taking action and joining in their cause, which is to protect the local waters in and around Santa Barbara.

The solution came from multiple opportunities to engage volunteers with sign up forms, links to donate, and ways to participate in petitions that go straight to legislators.

In addition, the Santa Barbara Channelkeeper chose to use their blog to showcase much of their work and historical impacts, again inviting the community to take part in keeping watch for clean water.

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