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3 Rules To Write Better Ad Copy via Clix Marketing

Need some inspiration on how to write better ad copy for your Pay Per Click campaigns? Robert Brady of Clix Marketing outlines 3 rules to get you started, whether you’re new to writing ad copy or want to optimize what you already have:  3 Rules to Write Better Ad Copy

Five Tips to Improve Your Web Marketing Initiatives

1. Have a plan

Don’t dive into web marketing without sitting down and creating a plan. Many web marketing firms you will find online will promise extreme results without showing you the facts. We use Google Analytics and search engine optimization tools to measure where your website started and where it’s growing. At Mission Web Marketing we always incorporate website metrics packages on our clients’ websites to track criteria like website performance, campaign and sales activity, trends over time and profitability. Our Santa Barbara based marketing team finds the most valuable web marketing measurements like website visitors, unique visitors, page views, transactions, sales and conversion rates. You should be able to see how many people are visiting your site, how many pages they’re looking at, where they’re coming from and what they’re buying. Make a plan, set your goals and measure your results.

2. Continually update your website
Don’t set up your website and leave it there to just sit and rot. It’s important to give your website visitors a reason to keep coming back. You should update a page or a couple features weekly. If you have a blog, update it! Get your visitors coming back to your website.

3. Don’t rely completely on SEO

There are other aspects to web marketing besides search engine optimization. When you create your plan, incorporate other ways to drive traffic and sales on your website. Customize this plan for your company to target your audience. We recommend implementing techniques such as, search engine marketing or paid search, an e-mail marketing campaign and a social media strategy.

4. Use social media to network

Use your social media accounts to actually talk to other business owners and entrepreneurs to grow your brand awareness. Don’t just spam your social media followers with promotional materials, but supply them with something useful. Give advice, ask questions and get to know the people that follow your company. Once you develop a relationship with your followers, they will start to engage, like and trust your company.

5. Manage your Google Adwords efficiently

Using Google Adwords for your pay per click advertising campaign can be very lucrative. However, Google will try to sell you as many Adwords as possible so their wallets grow. It’s not necessary to have an exorbitant amount of Adwords, it’s actually better to narrow in on your target market. You can hire a certified Google Adwords specialist through Mission Web Marketing to help you efficiently target the right audience at the right price.

If you have questions or need help with your web marketing initiatives to generate more traffic and sales, contact Mission Web Marketing today and schedule your 100% free consultation at 800.260.6406.

SEO or PPC? Which is right for you?

ThMission Web Marketing can help with PPC or SEO web marketing initiatives. e ongoing debate between search engine optimization and pay per click advertising has our clients asking which web marketing strategy is the right investment for them.

SEO and PPC both have the same desired outcome, they both drive traffic and increase leads or sales for a company or individual’s website.  It’s just the money, time and return of investment that clients worry about.

Search engine optimization takes time and skill from experts to get top search engine rankings for related keywords. The results of SEO can lead to greater authority, long-term, top rankings on search engines, with steady traffic. However, SEO is an art with no guarantee, and a return of investment that happens organically, over time.

With pay per click, clients can buy their way to top search engines through advertisements like Google Adwords.  It is quick to setup, guarantees top search engine rankings and fast results. However, staying at the top can cost a lot of money by paying for every click.

In “SEO vs. PPC: When Should You Invest In Each?” published in Business to Community by Jayson DeMers, he said, “It’s natural for us to seek and adapt a system that offers greater returns for lesser inputs (money spent, time invested, resources employed, etc.). If your goal is simply ‘get listed on Google for specific keywords in order to generate traffic,’ PPC wins as the most optimal solution, at least in the short term. People who run websites that aren’t intended to sell directly (or where revenue isn’t directly related to quantity of traffic) are much less likely to find PPC to be a viable option for their search marketing. In this case, only SEO can do the trick.”

PPC campaigns can work wonders for ecommerce websites that are looking to sell products directly and quickly, while SEO can give websites great authority and lead to a much higher return of investment than PPC over time.

“If you’re not running an ecommerce website (or if your intention is not just selling something but building authority over the long haul), don’t waste your time debating SEO and PPC. Your strategy has to be SEO, hands down,” Meyers said.

And we agree with Meyers. Overall, return of investment will go far with search engine optimization and give your website the authority it needs to succeed online. Back up your search engine optimization efforts with pay per click campaigns to sell more products if you are an ecommerce website.

Either way, web marketing initiatives should be customized for your company, its website and the type of business you do.  Mission Web Marketing and a team of SEO and PPC experts are here to help customize your marketing initiatives for your online success.

If you have questions or need help with your web marketing initiatives to generate more traffic and sales, contact Mission Web Marketing today and schedule your 100% free consultation at 800.260.6406.

Maximize Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing is described as the Yellow Pages of the 21st century and is the most lucrative form of online advertising for small businesses. It is a perfect way to target customers looking for a specific product or service and can yield very high results.

The first place customers look when researching a product or service is a search engine, “Google it!” With search engine marketing, we can get your advertisement on top of Google almost immediately. By implementing search engine marketing or pay-per-click advertising campaigns, we can put your business right in front of your target customer.

SEM consists of small text ads, typically called Sponsored Links, which appear at the top or to the right of the search engine results pages on Google, Yahoo, Bing and various partner sites. Search engine marketing advertisements look like organic search engine results, which people don’t recognize as advertisements.

Search engine marketing has generated millions of dollars for our clients and can generate traffic to your website almost immediately. But, in order for a search engine marketing campaign to be successful, there are some things every small business owner should know.

It is important to have a search engine marketing expert managing your campaign

Any online marketing effort needs experience, knowledge and focus to become successful. Our experienced team of dedicated Google Adwords specialists, including a Google-Certified Ph.D physicist is here to help you optimize your campaign.

-We research the keywords that are most likely to send qualified visitors to your website.
-We create keyword-rich, small text advertisements that appear at the top of Google.
-People search Google for the keywords you specified, then click on your ad.
-You pay the cost per click.
-You get more traffic and sales!

You should hire someone who has the tools to monitor your campaign performance

We can track the costs, transactions and revenue generated from every online advertising campaign down to the keyword-level. We accurately measure your return on investment and make modifications to your campaigns to achieve profitability. We typically aim for a conversion rate of 1% (orders/unique visitors) or better when starting out. Average order value (AOV), cost of goods, cost per customer, and return rates also contribute to the success of an advertising campaign. Measuring several variables and making unique campaign adjustments results in success.

However, be forewarned that search engine marketing can cost from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars per month. It is also not for everyone– especially those with limited budgets, low conversion rates, and a low average order value. Before diving head-first into search engine marketing, do yourself a favor and contact us for a 100% free consultation. We can save you a lot of money, trouble and heartache.

For more information on search engine marketing please click here.

Bad Pay-Per-Click Campaign Hurts Business

NYT ArticleThis New York Times article, “Mistake in a Pay-Per-Click Campaign Leaves a Business Puzzled,” can teach us all a lesson on web marketing tactics! Paul Downs, owner of Paul Downs Cabinetmakers, made a small business mistake by messing with his pay-per-click Google Adwords campaign. This web marketing mistake hurt his business, but thankfully he will recover. Just remember, we are here to help you with any web marketing problems you may have. Read this article to prevent this from happening to you! Click here for the NYT Article

Submit Blog & RSS Feeds Article: Market Research Helps E-Commerce Firms Get Their Share of 2012’s $8 Billion Halloween Consumers Spend

Posted on October 12, 2012 by Elizabeth A.

Halloween pumpkins
Image source:

Can understanding the major trends in Halloween spending help e-commerce firms get more sales this Fall? You bet.

Anyone involved in a retail business knows that seasonal effects are important. E-commerce companies and other firms derive the majority of their sales during the all-important holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas. New opportunities, however, are revealed when firms take a closer look at seasonal market research for other times of the year. One major opportunity is the pre-holiday-season time of year in mid-fall that culminates in Halloween.

Halloween can be dismissed by entrepreneurs outside costumes and related sales. After all, it ranks dead last in holiday consumer spending at just 2.6%, compared to other major holidays: Christmas at 59.2% Thanksgiving at 13.4%, Valentine’s Day at 7.7%, Mother’s Day at 6.5%, Easter at 6.1% and Father’s Day at 4.5%. Click here to continue reading

Top 3 Motivational Videos for Entrepreneurs on YouTube

Mission Web Marketing picked out our favorite motivational videos for entrepreneurs. Inspiration is all around us and one of the best places to find it is on YouTube.


Entrepreneurs can change the world


Where Good Ideas Come From


The Best Motivation Video

Top 10 Social Media & Marketing Geek Halloween Costumes

There has been a lot of buzz about geeky, social media and viral Halloween costumes that will be popular for Halloween 2012. After doing some research, I compiled a list of Mission Web Marketing’s top 10 favorite picks.

Twitter Bird – If you’re a social media geek like we are at Mission Web Marketing, try out Sue Reynolds’ Halloween costume idea to be the Twitter Bird. Pairing this costume with a Follow Me @MissionWebMrktg sign would be ideal!

Google Panda – Dress up like a Panda with a Google logo on your belly to play into the 2011 Google Panda Update!


Steve Jobs – Not everyone will like this, but dressing up like Steve Jobs, even a zombie Steve Jobs could get some morbid laughs.

Cloud Computing — Stephanie Buck, a Mashable writer featured blogger Sobrina Tung and her Cloud Computing costume in their 2011 Tech-Themed Halloween Costumes. This idea is a great geeky costume!


Facebook Timeline  — Create a cardboard cut out of a Facebook timeline with your head in the Profile Picture spot. You’ll surely look like a dork.


Oldspice Guy — If you can pull off being as studly as the Oldspice Guy and the commercial that went viral last year, do it.

Old Spice Commercial


Progressive Girl Flo and Mayhem — If you’re going as a couple or even alone, dressing up like the insurance icons Flo and Mayhem can be lots of fun. Flo just reached Ad Age’s top most influential women in advertising and acting like Mayhem on Halloween will get some laughs. One of our employee’s daughters, Jennie Jacobs did it right last Halloween with her boyfriend Kyle Philips.


Sophia Grace and Rosie —  If an adult dresses up like either of these two, your costume will be a hit!

Sofia Grace and Rosie


QR Code –  Last on the list is another Sue Reynolds’ costume idea with the QR code.

Track Your Web Marketing Efforts With Web Analytics

Web AnalyticsMeasurement is a crucial ingredient to any web marketing effort. At Mission Web Marketing we always incorporate website metrics packages on our clients’ websites to track criteria like website performance, campaign and sales activity, trends over time and profitability.

Our Santa Barbara based marketing team finds the most valuable web marketing measurements like website visitors, unique visitors, page views, transactions, sales and conversion rates. You should be able to see how many people are visiting your site, how many pages they’re looking at, where they’re coming from and what they’re buying.

This will give you visibility into your website performance and will help you make better business decisions to be more effective and become more profitable.

There are many web metrics packages available ranging in price, but our team uses Google Analytics. It is free and lets us capture most of the important web metrics related to your website.

With Google Analytics, we can see how many people visiting your website, where they came from and what they came to buy. We capture this data in spreadsheets, reports and graphs that illustrate the performance of your website over time.

Incorporating web metrics packages like Google Analytics on your website can be done by a member of the Mission Web Marketing team in a few hours, or less. This involves appending tracking codes to each page on your website, order confirmation or Thank You page. This tracking code will pass this order information such as the transaction ID, order amount and campaign source code back to the metrics engine for reporting.

You can setup your own Google Analytics account for free and get the tracking code integrated throughout your website, or we can do this for you in just a couple of hours.

If you don’t have a proper method of capturing website metrics, you need to start today so you can make better business decisions and make your website more profitable! Without some sort of web metrics package in place you’re operating in the dark and wasting time and dollars on campaigns that don’t work. If you need assistance or have questions about web metrics, contact us today to see how we can help.



Learn More About Our Santa Barbara Marketing Company

Mission Web Marketing, a Santa Barbara marketing company, offers a variety of web marketing services for local and national businesses. Our Santa Barbara marketing company provides dozens of companies across the nation with search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and website design and development services. Our goal is to help businesses sell more and become more profitable online.

Mission Web Marketing has been serving the Santa Barbara marketing community for a number of years and has succeeded in helping many local companies with their web marketing efforts. On a local business spectrum, our company has done marketing for Santa Barbara based companies like, The Santa Barbara Airport, The Granada Theatre, The Towbes Group, The Territory Ahead, Magellan’s Travel and to name a few.

Outside of the Santa Barbara marketing community, Mission Web Marketing has done marketing initiatives for several well-known companies throughout the United States and beyond. These companies include, Hips & Curves, Wavehunters Surf Travel, Touring & Tasting Magazine, Coverall and Knock Knock as well as many others.

Our Santa Barbara marketing company has succeeded in making local and large, multi-million dollar companies succeed in their web marketing efforts.

If your local company is looking for Santa Barbara marketing services Mission Web Marketing knows how to generate the traffic you need.

During the past ten years Mission Web Marketing has provided an assortment of Santa Barbara marketing services online, including pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, E-commerce and website development. Mission Web Marketing has been a leader in Santa Barbara search engine marketing and Santa Barbara search engine optimization.

There are three main reasons Mission Web Marketing can help your Santa Barbara business with your Santa Barbara marketing needs.

First, web marketing can help your customers make purchases online, generating more sales. Statistics show that more than half of consumers make online purchases.

Secondly, increasing local traffic to your website can create more Santa Barbara leads.

Lastly, web marketing pays off when you use Santa Barbara search engine marketing and other Mission Web Marketing services. The Mission Web Marketing team can help your company rank higher on Google and search engine results by targeting specific phrases like, “Santa Barbara,” “Southern California,” and “Santa Barbara business.”

Please read about more Santa Barbara marketing services by clicking the links below:

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If you’re interested in any of the above services or you have questions about other services not listed above, please contact us today for a free consultation.