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Boost E-Commerce Sales In 7 Steps

There Boost E-commerce sales with these tipsare seven tricks to building a powerhouse e-commerce website that will increase your potential for sales conversion and website traffic. Whether you’re just starting out, or updating an existing website, increase your sales exponentially by making some adjustments and avoiding website mistakes.

It is important for economic growth that your website have both an increasing amount of website traffic, as well as the ability to turn those visitors into customers. Working hard at SEO will increase visitors, but updating the functionality of your website will get customers buying.

Make sure your website follows these e-commerce rules:

1. Have compelling product descriptions

Product descriptions on e-commerce websites should be straightforward and about 75 words long at a maximum of around 200. Since your product details like size, color and shipping information will be noted next to the item, you can create a short thorough description that shoppers will actually read.

2. Always use high quality photos

Display high quality photos of your products because, “a picture is worth 1000 words.” Using large, quality photos shot from different angles will help the customer determine if the product is what they are looking for. Good photos will help you sell your products.

3. Make your policies accessible
Make sure it is easy for your customers to find your policies on shipping information, returns and frequently asked questions. It will benefit your company greatly if visitors can easily find positive testimonials or reviews of your company and its products.

4. Implement strong website analytics
Make sure you track website visitors, unique visitors, page views, transactions, sales and conversion rates. You should be able to see how many people are visiting your site, how many pages they’re looking at, where they’re coming from and what they’re buying. Read more about web analytics.

5. Make your contact info easy to find
It is important to make it easy for people to get in contact with your customer service representatives. You don’t want them leaving your site if they have a question or a problem. We suggest getting an 800 number for your telephone. It will make your company look large and can cost as little as $10 a month. Place it on your homepage for easy access.

6. Have easy-to-use search functionality

Navigating your e-commerce site with an easy-to-use search bar can help customers find exactly what they need on your website. Allow your customers to search by product category, size, availability and color to make it the user’s experience as easy as possible.

7. Write clear calls to action

Make sure your call to action buttons are easy to find and clickable. Lead generation; sign up forms, content marketing or calls to action should lead to a conversion point, not a dead end.

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